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Hamilton groups recycle devices to save gorilla habitat

Two Hamilton High School student groups – Club Action and Science Club – have teamed up with 39 zoos and one aquarium across the continent to bring awareness to gorilla conservation by recycling mobile phones and handheld electronics.RecycleCellPhoneWeb

These devices contain the mineral coltan, which is mined from habitats of endangered gorillas and other African forest species. By recycling the devices, the metals can be reused, reducing the pressure on African habitats and protecting gorillas.

The recycling project also helps the environment in Wisconsin by keeping devices out of landfills and protecting the water supply.

Community members are encouraged to contribute to the students’ recycling efforts by bringing their old devices to the high school. Collection bins are in the school library and several classrooms. A collection station will be set up at the admissions table at each home basketball game. Look for the gorilla footprints leading to the station. The campaign will run until mid-April.

Hamilton High School is located at W220N6151 Town Line Road, Sussex.