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Hamilton in top 100 schools for financial literacy

Hamilton High School is among the top 100 high schools in the country that teach personal finance based on results from the Financial Literacy Certification test.H-for-web

The national ranking was created by Working In Support of Education (w!se), which sponsors the test to empower students to take control of their financial futures.

Eighty students enrolled in Amanda Fields’ Personal Finance classes passed the annual w!se test and became Certified Financially Literate™.

In addition to earning financial literacy certification, 13 students were also named Financial Literacy Scholars for earning 95% or higher on the exam. These students are eligible to compete for a $1,000 award. The following students successfully completed the exam:

Maxwell Aberman – scholar
Isabella Atkinson – scholar
Sydney Bartos – scholar
Gavin Birkenheier – scholar
Alexis Konop – scholar
Cassidy Osesek – scholar
Arushi Ranasaria – scholar
Evrett Rachow – scholar
Tanner Rosen -scholar
Mariela Staab – scholar
Mitchell Stachowiak – scholar
Matthew Thuemling – scholar
Kristin Weisbrod – scholar
Shane Aykroid
Jessica Bagley
Elizabeth Barnish
Viktor Birkenheier
Michael Blann
Sara Burow
Bailey Byrnes
Elijah Conrad
Audrey Davies
Katelyn Denny
Megan Dewing
Davidmichael Diedrick
Soumaya Drover
Jessica Endries
Abigail Farrell
Jacob Fobes
Phillip Frafjord
Taylor Fryda
Eden Fuhriman
Kayden Hersback
Ryan Houdek
Matthew Jelinski
Alyssa Kaul
Ashley Kenworthy
Abrielle Klawitter
Emma Kleba
Lana Kling
Kayla Krueger
Sarah Lessila
Dayton Licklider
Nina Luebke
Chase McFarlane
Joshua McFarlane
Joshua Meulemans
Brandon Meyer
Abigail Moriarty
Claire Nesemann
Preston Olson
Jacob Onysio
Joseph Pellechia
Joseph Plechaty
Mariano Pofahl
Kaeya Ray
Tanner Resch
Matthew Romuald
Luke Rosen
Kylee Ryals
Kane Saber
Lauren Schlaman
Devin Schneider
Adam Schultz
Kiley Slaats
Carson Smith
Garret Staab
Briana Taylor
Grace Thao
Soukkaseum Thao
Lillia Thoms
Brooke Tlachac
Kaitlyn Tyriver
Taylor VanHoof
Sydney Vande Hei
Tyler Vaughan
Tyler Walls
Jenna Withrow
Shaine Zoephel
Alexis Zuehlke

W!se is a nonprofit that provides education support services nationwide to build financial literacy, foster business and social entrepreneurship and prepare students for college and the global workplace.