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Hamilton students inducted into drama society

Twenty-four Hamilton High School students were inducted into the International Thespian Society (ITS), the honorary society for secondary school theater students. Each inductee completed more than 100 hours of excellent work in theater arts and related disciplines. They are:thespiansociety

  • Brenna Atlee;
  • Samantha Consiglio;
  • Jonathan Costa;
  • Joseph Davila;
  • Margaret Flynn;
  • Madeline Garcia;
  • Sophie Greenwood;
  • Hayden Hotchkiss;
  • Samuel Kallis;
  • Callen Kluender;
  • Natalie Knollenberg;
  • Anna Kurhajec;
  • Tarynn Lassiter;
  • Isabelle Leiner;
  • Julia Lenz;
  • Sarah Ludin;
  • Linnea Meneses;
  • Nicholas Mitchell;
  • Shannon O’Dwyer;
  • Dorothy Palmer;
  • Madison Ruege;
  • Lillia Thoms;
  • Madeline Ullrich; and
  • Logan Wroblewski.

The goals of ITS are to honor student achievement, improve high school dramatic programs, support theater educators and make theater accessible to all.