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Woodside donates to Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin

By focusing on the needs of others, Woodside Elementary School wwolfoptforwebkindergartners in Peter Dargatz’s class raised nearly $1,300 for Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. The generosity of these young students is now serving as an example for all Woodside students during a schoolwide fundraiser for the hospital.

Dargatz’s students learned about the difference between wants and needs before the holidays. The social studies unit provided opportunities for students to earn tickets to get items they wanted or turn them in for real dollars to donate to Children’s Hospital. Students were able to sign a “Giving Contract” in which they gave up one holiday gift for an extra donation, and students earned extra money by helping out at home. In addition, Dargatz asked parents to donate to the cause in lieu of teacher holiday gifts.

The fundraiser will continue during January as a schoolwide project led by Dargatz’s kindergarten class. All Woodside students will be challenged to take on an extra responsibility at home to earn money and to turn one of their wants into a donation. School announcements, posters and student-created videos will provide more information.

The drive will conclude in February with a special assembly when the school donation will be presented to a representative from the Children’s Hospital Foundation.

Woodside Elementary School is located at W236 N7465 Woodside Rd. in Sussex.