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Hamilton students qualify for state music festival

Hamilton High School band students participated March 15 in the District Solo and Ensemble Music Festival held at Shorewood High School. One of Hamilton’s most successful festivals in school history, 63 students qualified for state in more than 30 events.

Students entered as individual soloists, part of an ensemble or both. A Wisconsin School Music Association (WSMA) judge rated them on a I-V system with I as the highest. Students who performed music from Class A were eligible to receive a *I rating denoting that they will advance to the state music festival April 26 at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

The following band students earned the right to compete at the state festival:

  • Elizabeth Casper, Cassandra Zimdars and Alexandra Stephens, flute solo;
  • Matthew Smith and Nicole Spence, oboe solo;
  • Emma Chung and Lauren LaFond, clarinet solo;
  • Jake Myatt and Rebecca Becker, alto sax solo;
  • Jonah Brown, trumpet solo;
  • Chloe Simchick, French horn solo;
  • Erin Magoon, baritone solo;
  • Kevin Jansen and Alexander Hillmer, piano solos;
  • Elizabeth Casper and Hannah Bjorkland, flute duet;
  • Emma Chung and Kate Meagher, clarinet duet;
  • Ariel Pershman and Michelle Bader, alto sax duet;
  • Bailey Sapa and Daniel Markano, tenor sax duet;
  • Alexandra Detweiler, Matthew Smith and Kate Meagher, woodwind trio;
  • Emma Chung, Kate Meagher, Carissa Dowden and Samuel Smith, clarinet quartet;
  • Bailee Bobert, Jake Myatt, Brandon Joel, Aaron Hintz, Megan Hessler, Jacob Merkel and Samuel Welter, saxophone septet;
  • Michael Scott and Matthew Ciolkosz, baritone duet;
  • Nicholas Fricano, Samuel Bjorklund and Marie Ammel, Benjamin Zarling; marching snare duet;
  • Samantha Gusho and Emily Thoummavong, mallet duet;
  • Alex Magoon, Alexander Hillmer, Chloe Simchick, Michael Scott and Matthew Ciolkosz, brass quintet;
  • Alex Magoon, Alexander Hillmer, Stephanie Hopkins, Melanie Hall, Carlton Swartzendruber, Eric Sapa, Benjamin Pink, Chloe Simchick, Jonah Brown, Michael Scott, Mitchell Hudson, Austin Dalzin, Erin Magoon, Matthew Ciolkosz, Matthew McGuire and Marie Ammel, brass ensemble;
  • Elizabeth Casper, Megan Hessler, Hannah Bjorklund, Cassandra Zimdars, Beatrice Kuenn, Emma Chung, Kate Meagher, Lauren LaFond, Lauren Spankowski, Jake Myatt, Bailee Bobert, Ariel Pershman, Michelle Bader, Rebecca Becker, Brandon Joel, Chong Zhang, Alexandra Oleszczak, Devin Sartler, Aaron Hintz, Carissa Dowden and Samuel Welter, woodwind ensemble;
  • Megan Hessler, Alexandra Stephens, Sarah Chartrand, Emily Keith, Myah Merriman, Cassandra Zimdars and Morgan Swartzendruber; flute choir; and
  • Jake Myatt, Bailee Bobert, Ariel Pershman, Rebecca Becker, Michelle Bader, Alexandra Oleszczak, Brandon Joel, Chong Zhang, Mackenzie Fox, Amanda Oskey, Joshua Belli, Paige Lovelien, Samantha Doperalski, Amanda Joel, Andrew Coe, Devin Sartler, Megan Hessler, Aaron Hintz, Bailey Sapa, Daniel Markano, Samuel Welter, Jacob Merkel and Matther Matuszak, saxophone orchestra.