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Templeton students travel Asia on room-sized map


Darwin Gregerson, a retired teacher from the Wausau area, and a consultant with the Wisconsin Geographic Alliance presented March 28 and 29 to Templeton Middle School students using a room-sized map of Asia.

Gregerson gives presentations to thousands of Wisconsin students each year integrating geography into all areas of the curriculum. During the Templeton presentation, students were able to “walk around” Asia using the map, which is owned by the National Geographic Society. The map has been on loan to Wisconsin for school presentations through the Wisconsin Geographic Alliance for the past few weeks.

Gregerson helped students understand the concept of population density by having the proportionate number of students stand on countries on the map based on countries’ populations. Students learned quickly that the population density of India and China were much greater than that of other countries.

Gregerson was invited to Templeton by eighth grade social studies and reading teacher Rhonda Watton.