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District students recognized in academic search

Dozens of Hamilton School District students participated in the Northwestern University Midwest Academic Talent Search (NUMATS) by taking above-grade level tests to measure their intellectual abilities.

Students qualified for NUMATS based on their scores on the Wisconsin Knowledge and Concepts Exam. Qualifying seventh and eighth grade students took the ACT or SAT, which are college entrance exams normally given to high school students. Fifth- and sixth-graders who qualified for MATS took EXPLORE, a test normally given to eighth grade students.

Templeton Middle School seventh-grader Alex Magoon will be honored at Northwestern University for his high ACT scores among eight Midwestern states.

Other Templeton students who participated in NUMATS were: Lauren Anthony, Allie Bitz, Joyce Chen, Allison Croft, Connor Davidson, Brandon Fedie, Sam Kivimaki, Akshayaa Lakshmanan, Ciera Lampshire, Claire Olejnik, Kelsey Schroeder, Benjamin Scott, Ethan Beaudry, Logan Bobb, Bailee Bobert, Craig Bumgardner, Taylor Burns, Matthew Ciolkosz, Thomas Diel, Danielle Draggoo, Alexandra Egan, Connor Ladwig, Mackenzie Latt, Emily Lehner, Alex Magoon, Grace Modl, Kelsey Mulholland, Rachel Perreault, Katlyn Pollari, Bradley Schissel, Brendan Schlaman, Andrea Wall, Justin Whorral, Katherine Bitz, Miranda Brown, Nathan Goecks, Caroline Hope, Hannah Jasinski, Allison Kline, Queue Kufalk, Ashley LeBlanc, Haleigh Mulholland, Kurt Nejedlo, Michael Pellechia, Connor Roozen, Brooke Schounard, Maxwel Schwid, Mariyam Siddique, Shane Taylor, Kyle Youngblood and Harrison Yu.

In recognition of their achievement, the Templeton Home and School invited each student to a May 8 breakfast buffet at school. Templeton Principal Patricia Polczynski handed out the certificates and spoke to the group.

Fifth-graders from elementary schools who were invited to take the EXPLORE test were:
Luke Johnson from Lannon; Ryan Adrian, Claire Birk, Olivia Boucher, Emily Fassbender, Jarrett Keen, Robert Modl, Bridget Nejedlo and Cassandra Zimdars from Maple Avenue; Keeley Hayden, Alec Schley and Benjamin Sciortino from Marcy; Hayden Barth, Michael Bruch, Austin Dalzin, Jenna Ehlert, Marie Geier, Jacob Hartung, Zachary Jasinski, Benjamin Krolczyk, Alexander Lang, John Myatt, Andrew O’Neill, Maya Peske, Jacob Rueden and Trevor Wittman from Woodside.

NUMATS is a program of Northwestern University’s Center for Talent Development that offers testing for academically talented students in grades 3-9. NUMATS has been serving students in the Midwest and beyond since 1981. It is a well-researched and respected program model in gifted education.