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Academic search shines light on students

Dozens of Hamilton School District students participated in the Midwest Academic Talent Search (MATS) by taking above-grade level tests to measure their intellectual abilities. Three middle school students who took the EXPLORE, ACT or SAT tests were recognized for exceptional performance among Wisconsin students, and one student was noted for her exceptional performance in the Midwest.

Students qualified for MATS based on their scores on the Wisconsin Knowledge and Concepts Exam. Qualifying seventh and eighth grade students took the ACT or SAT, which are college entrance exams normally given to high school students. Fifth- and sixth-graders who qualified for MATS took EXPLORE, a test normally given to eighth grade students.

Templeton Middle School seventh-grader Corinne Olson will be honored May 17 at Northwestern University for her high ACT scores among eight Midwestern states. In addition, sixth-graders Brendan Schlaman and seventh-graders Elizabeth Schounard, along with Corinne Olson, were recognized April 26 by the Wisconsin Center for Academically Talented Youth for their high test scores among students in Wisconsin.

Other Templeton students who participated in MATS were: Katherine Bitz, Emily Blackwell, Miranda Brown, Brandon Bryant, Taylor Burns, Matthew Ciolkosz, Matt Coe, Alexandra Egan, Allison Ehlert, Riley Feldman, Jacob Fischer, Sarah Geier, Tara Garbe, Nathan Goecks, Holly Heckendorf, Emily Jansen, Jennifer Janusz, Hannah Jasinski, Brandon Joel, Anna Joll, Michael Johrendt, Zachary Kasun, Alison Kline, Annalise Kluender, Conner Ladwig, Morgan Land, Conner Last, Ashley Leblanc, Brandon Leet, Emily Lehner, Jacob Ludin, Alex Magoon, A.J. Mamerow, Andrew McClone, Lindsay Menting, Garrett Minor, Grace Modl, Joshua Mueller, Kurt Nejedlo, Brett Nevermann, Katlyn Pollari, Cameron Pothier, Jacob Raffel, Taylor Rapee, Lydia Salus, Miranda Simes, Michael Spankowski, Katrina Strait, Brianna Vandyke, Andrea Wall, Bethany Wandsnider, Kira Welcenbach, Tyler Wischnefski and Kyle Youngblood.

In recognition of their achievement, the Templeton Home and School invited each student to a May 9 breakfast buffet at school.

Fifth-graders from elementary schools who were invited to take the EXPLORE test were: Christopher (Nick) Jelden and Kira Lange, from Lannon; Brandon Fedie, Hannah Hubbell, Andrew Lien, Mackenzie Ludin and Brandon Pupp, from Maple Avenue; Lauren Anthony, Joyce Chen, Peter Herrmann, Amanda Melk-McCrary and Kelsey Schroeder, from Marcy; Allison Bitz, Conner Davidson, Katharine Dowlding, Tyler Gall, Samual Kivimaki, Matthew Kundert, Colleen O’Neill, Gabrielle Olson, Nicole Spence and Kyle Wischnefski, from Woodside;.

MATS is a program of Northwestern University’s Center for Talent Development that offers testing for academically talented students in grades 3-9. MATS has been serving students in the Midwest and beyond since 1981. Nearly 31,000 students use MATS each year to help them understand their abilities and plan for their future. It is a well-researched and respected program model in gifted education.