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Alaskan artist brings Bolivia to Templeton

Templeton Middle School students in eighth grade family and consumer education (FACE) and Spanish classes will participate in a social responsibility workshop Oct. 8-10 when Alaskan fine artist Ann Miletich visits their school. Through funding from the Hamilton Education Foundation, Miletich will help student learn about heritage, wealth and human values as they examine the Bolivian culture.

Students will become humanitarian artists by drawing their portrait or something that reflects their lives on a piece of cloth. Eighth-graders in FACE classes will then make the cloth pieces into quilts that Miletich will deliver to the street children and orphans in Bolivia. The quilts are intended to begin a visual dialogue and understanding between the Bolivian children and Templeton students. According to Miletich, the workshops will change the way kids see their world.

The beautiful quilts will be displayed in the hall at Templeton in January before they are delivered to the children in Bolivia.