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Woodside students write prize-winning script

Woodside Elementary School students Jacob Rink, Tyler Polaski, Michael Banda, Alex Doleshal, Frank Boyle and Elliott Evans in Kelly Flanagan’s fifth grade class were named winners in a Time Warner video contest. The students’ script was one of 20 selected from more than 550 entries for the 2006-07 Hang Tough Video Contest in which students from southeastern Wisconsin created messages encouraging their peers to “hang tough” and enjoy life without drugs and violence.

The students’ 30-second segment, called “Ruined Dreams,” will be taped and produced by Time Warner professionals and will be aired on more than 20 cable networks in the spring. The Woodside finalists and their classmates will be invited to the Hang Tough Video Awards Premiere in March. At the awards premiere, a panel of judges will select the first, second and third place winners from the 20 final entries.