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Templeton students have good showing at music festival

Templeton Middle School recognized students for their achievement in the March 27 Wisconsin School Music Association (WSMA) District Solo and Ensemble Festival at Mukwonago High School.

Students entered as individual soloists or part of an ensemble. Each entry was judged with regard to tone quality, intonation development, balance and blend, performance skills, articulation and diction proficiency, and musical interpretation.

Alexandra Koelbl received an excellent rating and qualified for the state music festival with a Class A flute solo.

Receiving “excellent” ratings were:

Class A

  • clarinet solo – Lindsey Burleson and Ellen Kudronowicz;

Class B

  • trumpet solo – Leslie Crane, Alexander Klett and Benjamin Helm;
  • euphonium solo – Kirsten Wiesneski;
  • flute solo – Chelsea Gustafson, Stephanie Maletz and Kaitlyn Jacobi;
  • clarinet solo – Alex Schwartz and Elizabeth Meinert;
  • alto sax solo – Joshua Gratz, Emily Rindfleisch, Nicholas Talerico, Chris Sendelbach, Shane Kelly-Eversum and Michael Jacklin;
  • tenor sax solo – Valerie Becker;
  • piano solo – Ellen Kudronowicz and Angela Zeng;
  • trumpet duet – Eric Swierczek and William Noelck;
  • trumpet quartet – Benjamin Helm, Alexander Klett, Leslie Crane and Stacey Henk;
  • flute/clarinet duet – Chelsea Gustafson and Lindsey Burleson;
  • flute trio – Lydia Hickey, Emily Sheeks and Stephanie Wright;
  • clarinet trio – Lindsey Burleson, Angela Zeng and Elizabeth Meinert;
  • sax quartet – Emily Rindfleisch, Evan Flink, Valerie Becker and Andrew Doucette;
  • clarinet choir – Lindsey Burleson, Angela Zeng, Elizabeth Meinert, Sarah Warzon, Shelly Lasica, John Liedtke, Alex Schwartz and Stephanie Babits;
  • alto voice solo – Sarah Wilkerson, Amanda Rockwell, Nichole Ebert, Stephanie Klees,
    Amber Turriff, Patricia Horvath, Aja Zarling and Elizabeth Peters;
  • voice duet – Elizabeth Peters and Danica Wasser;

Class C

  • trumpet solo – Mark Slinde, Alexander Stuth and Christopher Jacklin;
  • ephonium solo – Ryan Zahn;
  • flute solo – Arianne Foster, Alana Strait and Kristin Souvigny;
  • clarinet solo – Kimberly Jobke, Olukemi Ajibola, Bethany Buchholz, Shannon Duenow, Lisa Becker and Erica Becker;
  • bass clarinet solo – Alex Schwartz;
  • oboe solo – Andrea Salus;
    • alto sax solo – Doug Roska, Darcie Adams, Michael Nguyen, Marvin Saccucci, Kelson Zarling and Ryan Schmidt;
  • snare drum solo – Jacob Ahlmann and Jose Cornejo;
  • drum set solo – Nicholas Rashid and Jordan Knight;
  • trumpet duet – Alexander Stuth and Marc Lundquist;
  • trumpet trio – Stephen Wright, Kyle Gustafson and Christopher Jacklin;
  • flute duet – Nicole Sleva, Keri Sterle, Arianne Foster, Rebecca Durica, Allison Michalek and Erin Monroe;
  • clarinet duet – Betty Liang, Stephanie Englert, Shannon Duenow and Ashley Mueller;
  • alto sax duet – Erin Rither, Michael Nguyen, Jennifer Dardich and Darcie Adams;
  • flute-clarinet duet – Chelsea Spangenberg and Alyssa Reetz;
  • clarinet trio – Erin Welcenbach, Molly Storm, Kathryn Willkomm, Alyssa Olroyd, Kimberly Mews and Jenna Walther;
  • clarinet quartet – Betty Liang, Stephanie Englert, Rachel Saeger and Kimberly Jobke;
  • flute-clarinet trio – Kimberly Hassert, Stephanie Maletz and Lindsey Burleson;
  • flute choir – Kaitlyn Jacobi, Alexandra Koelbl, Alana Strait, Shantelle Kind, Kristin Souvigny, Allison Michalek, Erin Monroe, Rebecca Durica and Arianne Foster;
  • snare drum solo – Alex Minue;
  • tenor voice solo – Kyle Florence, Colin Henschen, Michael Guzman and Ryan Strzalko;
  • double voice duet – Ryan Strzalko, Colin Henschen, Joline Reyes and Nicole Mikolajczak; and
  • double voice trio – Aja Zarling, Melissa Brook, Jessica Bley, Jessica Thao, Amber Turriff and Nicole Mikolajczak.

Receiving “very good” ratings were:

Class B

  • flute solo – Lydia Hickey, Samantha Barbian, Brittney Ellis and Jennifer Potratz;
  • clarinet solo – Ashley Mueller;
  • alto sax solo – Evan Flink and Jacob Konkol;
  • trombone duet – Daniel Fourness and David Kuehn;
  • flute duet – Kaitlyn Jacobi and Alexandra Koelbl;
  • alto sax duet – Shane Kelly-Eversum, Michael Jacklin, Matthew Minue, Jacob Konkol, Chris MacLeod and Andrew Doucette;
  • flute-clarinet duet – Stephanie Maletz and Elizabeth Meinert;
  • flute quartet – Lydia Hickey, Chelsea Gustafson, Kim Hassert and Kristi Kimball;
  • snare drum solo – Erik Vowels, Mitchell Beaudry and Emily Schultz;
  • alto voice solo – Joline Reyes, Keri Schroeder, Anisha Kuhl and Danica Wasser;

Class C

  • flute solo – Shantelle Kind;
  • bass clarinet solo – Jennifer Persch;
  • snare drum solo – Kylee Zarzynski, Stephanie Rossman, Kayla Johnson and Zachary Dumke;
  • drum duet – Stephanie Rossman and Kayla Johnson;
  • trumpet duet – Tyler Lance and Eric Larson;
  • trumpet trio – Kevin Schweiss, Mark Slinde and Scott Gartmann;
  • flute duet – Rachel Caplan and Amanda Holzem;
  • alto sax-trombone duet – Marvin Saccucci and Emmanuel Eliades;
  • snare drum duet – Alex Minue and Tyler Dahl;
  • alto sax trio – Thomas Kwiatkowski, Bryan Bronikowski and Cody Ellis; and
  • jazz ensemble – Evan Flink, Nicholas Talerico, Darcie Adams, Jennifer Dardich, Ryan Schmidt, Kelson Zarling, Matthew Minue, Shane Kelly-Eversum, Valerie Becker, Joshua Gratz, David Kuehn, Kirsten Wiesneski, Ian Read, Ryan Zahn, Leslie Crane, Alexander Klett, Alexander Stuth, Stacey Henk, Matthew Jacewicz, Daniel Fourness, Andy Doucette, Aaron Vergiels, Erik Vowels, Nicholas Rashid, Jordan Knight, Tyler Lance, Ellen Kudronowicz, Jordan Rademacher, Kevin Schweiss and Scott Gartmann.

Receiving “good” ratings were:

Class B

  • flute duet – Amanda Simon and Amy Schmidt;

Class C

  • alto sax solo – Jacob Fricke;
  • trumpet solo – Blake Welytok;
  • drum set solo – Aaron Vergiels; and
  • flute-clarinet duet – Kristin Souvigny, Olukemi Ajibola, Rebecca Durica and Danielle Emmer.

Receiving “critique only” ratings were:

Class C

  • piano solo – Lauren Little;
  • euphonium solo – Lauren Little;
  • bassoon solo – Christopher Kern;
  • baritone horn trio – Ian Read, Andrew Taavola and Ryan Zahn; and
  • voice trio – Elizabeth Peters, Danica Wasser and Katelyn Kaupp.