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Hamilton celebrates American Education Week

Hamilton School District students, staff members and parents will celebrate American Education Week Nov. 16-22. This year’s national theme is “Great Public Schools for Every Child – America’s Promise.” The goal of American Education Week since its establishment in 1921 has been to increase public understanding and appreciation of the nation’s schools, to encourage parents and nonparents to visit schools, to build civic and community pride and support for education.

To make our schools the best they can be requires a commitment from every member of the community, from retired citizens as well as parents, from business leaders as well as school board members.

Following are among the activities in the Hamilton School District.

Lannon Elementary School
7145 N. Lannon Road, Lannon
(262) 255-6106
Principal: Richard Ladd

Lannon students will wear college attire on Tuesday, dress as their future career on Wednesday, wear school colors on Thursday, and have spirit day on Friday. Students and staff will celebrate with individual classroom activities throughout the week.

Maple Avenue Elementary School
W240 N6059 Maple Avenue, Sussex
(262) 246-4220
Principal: Kristin Koeper

Fifth-graders will kick-off their Seniors & Students Age-to-Age Pen Pal Program. Students and senior citizens share letters with one another throughout the school year. Several classrooms will celebrate with individual American Education Week activities as well.

Marcy Elementary School
W180 N4851 Marcy Road, Menomonee Falls
(262) 781-8283
Principal: Donald Behrens, Ph.D.

Marcy School fourth and fifth graders will present the musical “Heroes All” Nov. 20 at 2:15 for students and at 7 p.m. for parents. The musical tells about the lives of American heroes.

Woodside Elementary School
W236 N7465 Woodside Road, Sussex
(262) 820-1530
Principal: Linda Jorgensen

During the week students will write a letter to their family and share them with their buddy classes. Among the possible topics are: the most powerful learning experience; the thing I want to learn how to do most this year; my all time favorite book or author and why; what I’m best at in school; and why reading and writing are important to me. On Wednesday, all staff and students are encouraged to wear college apparel.

Templeton Middle School
N59 W22490 Silver Spring Dr., Sussex
(262) 246-6477
Principal: Patricia Polczynski

A variety of activities will occur in individual classrooms. The school will be taking statestandardized tests throughout the week.

Hamilton High School
W220 N6151 Town Line Rd., Sussex
(262) 246-6471
Principal: David Furrer

High school one-act play members will present “Candid” at 9 a.m. on Nov. 18 and 20. The play will be performed at state competition later in the week. Community members are welcome to see this free performance.

Willow Springs Learning Center
W220 N6660 Town Line Rd., Menomonee Falls
(262) 255-6190
Principal: John Vitale

Students will participate in a schoolwide art activity for the hallway.