Renting the HFAC (Non District Groups)

1.  Check a date

Check the Rental Availability Calendar to see if a date is available. All events are on a first-come-first-served basis.

Review rental rates, staff pricing and equipment fees before completing the rental paperwork.

2.  Complete request forms and user agreement

 Request the Building:

A HFAC representative will contact you within 3 business days to confirm the request form has been received. Understand our hourly rental rates, staffing rates and equipment options here.

Agree to Our Policies:

All groups must have a rental usage agreement on file before a request will be approved.  This must be completed once per calendar year:

Request Pre-Show Spaces:

The HFAC has two green room spaces, HFAC #1 and HFAC #2.  These spaces are accessible when used in conjunction with a scheduled rehearsal and public performance.

Additional space could be available, upon request, including a choir room or cafeteria as a green room, warm up space or dining area.  

Choir Room and Cafeteria Request Form

3.  Place deposit & provide Certificate of Insurance (non-district groups)

  1. A $500 deposit [check made out to Hamilton Fine Arts Center] and a signed estimate provided by the HFAC must be submitted to reserve your dates. If the reserved event is cancelled, the HFAC House Coordinator must be notified no less than six months before the load-in date in order to receive a full refund of the deposit. If the event is cancelled less than six months before the load-in date, the security deposit will be refunded only if the date(s) are rebooked.
  2. All groups utilizing the HFAC must have a Certificate of Insurance on file, naming the Hamilton School District as an “additional insured” for the amount of no less than $2 million (including injury to persons and damage to property). We require either a $2 million general liability coverage or a $1 million general liability plus a $1 million umbrella policy.The insurance policy must be with a reputable insurer, having a rating of an A- or better from a nationally recognized United States Rating Agency. For any loss arising out of actions of the rental party, you agree that your insurance policy will be held as the primary policy, and any policies procured by the school district that might happen to provide protection or benefits to the school district arising out of your use of the school premises shall be excess. Written notice providing the details of any incident or accident that results in bodily injury or damage to the school facilities or property must be provided to the HFAC coordinator within 24 hours of the incident or accident. The notice must include the details of the time, place and circumstances as well as names and addresses of any person(s) witnessing the accident.