Templeton Middle School profile

A true middle level education philosophy exists at Templeton Middle School where high quality education focuses on academic achievement, rigorous and challenging classroom activities and individual student needs.

Templeton staff recognize that middle school students are in transition from childhood to adolescence and have unique emotional, academic and physical needs. The school program was restructured in 2015 to provide the highest quality learning environment for middle level students.

The house system, a component of middle level education, groups students with a core team of academic teachers who collaboratively plan instruction, teach and meet student needs. The structure promotes interdisciplinary instruction, integrated units, team teaching, positive student-teacher relationships and flexible scheduling. The Advisement period allows all students to access academic interventions and resources to maximize student achievement.

Built in 1969, the school serves sixth- through eighth-graders in the Hamilton School District. The school was named after James Templeton who began in 1884 as Sussex’s first postmaster and later was postmaster in what had been the Village of Templeton prior to consolidation with Sussex.

A major addition and renovation was completed in the fall of 1999. The project included 19 new classrooms, renovated library and computer areas, and remodeling of five classrooms, the cafeteria and office area. Previous projects included a 1993 gymnasium-multipurpose addition and a 1974 classroom addition.

Templeton has an outstanding student body who regularly meet high academic and behavioral goals. To encourage students to make positive choices, the staff provides recognition for students in a variety of ways, including activities such as the Principal’s Pen Awards, Honor Roll Business Cards, Bulldog Improvement Award, Accelerated Reader Honor Roll, 4.0 Wall of Fame, Bulldog Bucks and year-end awards for achievement, behavior and attendance.

In addition to the regular curriculum, enriched classes are offered in grade 6 literacy and mathematics and grades 7 and 8 communication arts, mathematics and science for those students whose achievement would benefit from additional challenge. Instructional interventions are also provided to students who demonstrate academic need.

Among the special services at Templeton are two full-time guidance counselors, one part-time school psychologist, one part-time social worker, one reading specialist, one math support resource teacher and one part-time English language learner support resource teacher. There are also programs serving students in the areas of learning, behavioral and cognitive disabilities.

Parental involvement is always welcome at Templeton. There are many opportunities within the school in which parents can participate, such as assisting in classrooms, the cafeteria and library, supporting Home and School activities or chaperoning field trips. A parent volunteer coordinator works closely with the administration and Home and School.

In 2007, Templeton Middle School was named the Wisconsin Middle School of Excellence in the large school category by the Association of Wisconsin School Administrators and the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.

In 2008 to 2013, Templeton Middle School was also recognized by the same groups as an Exemplary Middle School based on the fact that proficiency scores on the grade 8 WKCE in both reading and math were in the top 10% of all state scores.

At a glance

Student enrollment: 757
Total employees: 86
Certified staff: 56
Guidance counselors: 2
Library/media specialist: 1
Reading specialist: 1
Starting time: 7:30 a.m.
Ending time: 2:45 p.m.
Mascot: Bulldog
School colors: Blue and gold
Grading system: Students receive grades of A, B, C, D and U, with a plus or minus that can be added as a option. Students receive an academic grade and a rubric grade for participation, effort and assignments/homework on a quarterly basis.