Marcy Elementary School Profile

Marcy Elementary School can be described as a mixture of old and new, with a country atmosphere in a suburban setting. The school was organized in the 1840s — before some surrounding communities were established.

Among the many construction projects recorded in Marcy’s long history are:

  • 1842-1849 – Menomonee District #5 school opens;
  • 1888 – frame schoolhouse built on current site;
  • 1921 – eight-foot addition;
  • 1926 – building transformed to three-room school;
  • 1933 – building is bricked and fence erected;
  • 1949 – a kitchen is added;
  • 1955 – four rooms, offices, multi-purpose room added;
  • 1963 – eight-room addition;
  • 1993 – media center, six classrooms, new offices and community room;
  • 2004 – extensive school facility project including razing of school’s oldest section, construction of new classroom addition, gymnasium, computer lab and renovation of school infrastructure;
  • 2012 – six-classroom addition, two resource rooms, multi-purpose area and restrooms.

Marcy became part of a K-12 system in 1963 when it consolidated with the Hamilton School District.

Currently, 25 classrooms accommodate an enrollment of 508 students. Features of Marcy include a large group instruction area, small group meeting area, gymnasium, library media center, speech and language offices and art room.

The relationship between home and school is highly valued, and parents are encouraged to be involved at Marcy. Parents contribute both their time and talent to Marcy with many who provide numerous hours of service to students and staff as classroom and computer helpers, as well as room reading parents. The PTO is an active organization that provides a variety of activities and makes priceless donations to Marcy.

Overall, students perform well on all of Wisconsin standardized tests. As they advance to Templeton Middle School and Hamilton High School, they continue to do well. All staff efforts are directed to student success, and the school strives to help students reach excellence.

Among the special services at the school are a full-time guidance counselor and programs serving students in the areas of speech and language, early childhood, cognitive disabilities, emotional disabilities, learning disabilities, occupational therapy, physical therapy and hearing and visually impaired.

At a glance

Student enrollment: 508
Starting time: 9:05 a.m.
Ending time: 3:50 p.m.
Mascot: Eagle
School colors: Blue and gold
Grading system: Semester report cards with proficiency scores of 1-4 are aligned to key learning goals and corresponding rubrics.