Lannon Elementary School Profile

Lannon is an elementary school that offers its community tradition and innovation.

A  renovation in 1996 transformed the then 60-year-old school while maintaining its physical lannon stone attributes. The 65,000 square foot addition created an improved gymnasium, additional classrooms and an office area.

The school features lannon stone that reflects the Village of Lannon’s quarry industry. This has been the foundation of Lannon’s history and industry and is synonymous with the building stone quarried from 30 quarries in and around Lannon.

Before 1939, the Lannon schoolhouse was located near the current Lannon Village Hall and Fire Department. The school was moved in 1939 to its present site and consolidated with the Hamilton School District in 1963.

The staff is cohesive and strives to create an environment that nurtures and stimulates the cognitive and affective development of children.

Special services accompanying the regular elementary education program include speech therapy and learning disabilities services. Elementary guidance, social services and exceptional needs testing are also provided. The building is entirely handicap accessible.

Lannon has the longest continuous history of Home and School involvement within the district. It is impossible to look at or discuss any aspect of Lannon Elementary School without the element of parent involvement. The open-door policy is well known. Parents can be found in the school on a daily basis.

At a glance

Student enrollment: 336
Starting time: 9:05 a.m.
Ending time: 3:50 p.m.
Mascot: Cardinal
School colors: Red and white
Grading system: Semester report cards with proficiency scores of 1-4 are aligned to key learning goals and corresponding rubrics.