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Templeton Middle School provides hundreds of letters for Honor Flight Veterans

Templeton Middle School students and staff wrote more than 350 heartfelt letters for veterans taking part in the upcoming Stars and Stripes Honor Flight. The letters will be given to three veterans who otherwise would receive little to no personal mail during their Honor Flight departing from General Mitchell International Airport on November 4. The letter writing campaign was spearheaded by the Templeton Middle School Student Council.

“These letters, filled with warmth and appreciation, are sure to bring smiles to the veterans’ faces and touch their hearts in ways we can only imagine,” said Templeton Middle School Teacher and Student Council Advisor Mary Caucutt. “On behalf of Templeton Middle School Student Council, we extend our deepest gratitude to everyone for making this initiative a resounding success. The support has not only touched the lives of our veterans but has also demonstrated the true spirit of unity and gratitude within our school.”

“So many of our veterans, especially vets who were deployed to Vietnam and saw combat, still carry those feelings of hurt and shame, as well as deep scars from their experiences,” explains Stars and Stripes Honor Flight President Karyn Roelke. “They feel that their sacrifices weren’t acknowledged back then and are mostly forgotten now. To open letters of thanks from students like those at Templeton is literally life-changing for the vets. They are overwhelmed with emotion when they realize that students today are learning about what they endured and that schools care enough to have their students write to them.”

The Stars and Stripes Honor Flight program honors veterans with a trip to Washington D.C. to visit memorials and experience a day of honor and thanks. There are 154 veterans scheduled for the November 4 flight from Milwaukee. Roughly 10% of veterans on each flight do not receive mail from family or friends to read during the ‘mail call’ portion of the trip. Stars and Stripes Honor Flight is an all-volunteer organization founded in 2008.