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Hamilton students of all ages engage in district wide celebration of the performing arts

Band students from Silver Spring Intermediate School and Templeton Middle School visited the Hamilton High School stadium on Tuesday, October 10 to watch high school band students perform. Field trips such as this are part of the Hamilton Arts in Community Education (HACE) program, which has created a district wide celebration of the performing arts. Hamilton School District music teachers developed HACE to give students of all ages authentic experiences to celebrate and appreciate all that the arts have to offer.

“The younger students are always awed to experience performances by the older students,” said Marcy Elementary Music Teacher Tyler Schoemann. “My students will talk about an experience for weeks and months afterwards. Students are very inspired in their own young musicianship because of these experiences. The older students express their excitement to share their hard work and talents with the younger students, as these experiences help to give real life purpose to the hard work they are putting into their music classes.”

“We pride ourselves in building connections between elementary, middle and upper level music classes,” said Hamilton High School Music Teacher Sarah Plamann. “We have incredibly talented artists right here in our schools. Being able to provide these quality performances to younger students and possibly set them up for a lifetime appreciation of the arts is powerful.”

Older students visited elementary schools several times during the 2022-23 school year, the inaugural year of the HACE program. “I haven’t gone back to Lannon in a really long time and I was very excited to go,” said Hamilton High School 2023 graduate Knightley Lockhart. “I liked talking with my old teachers and I was glad to be able to give back to my community, even a little bit.”

Hamilton High School 2023 graduate Eliana Mitchell remarked “Seeing the kids was very inspirational to not only them, but me! I think we should do stuff like this way more to introduce kids to the choir program.”

HACE also organizes performances for community members to enjoy such as the Sussex Tree Lighting Ceremony and Veterans Day commemorations.