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Hamilton custodians focus on clean schools to keep students, staff healthy

The concept of a clean, safe school environment takes on greater significance as communities across the country worry about the spread of illnesses including influenza and the coronavirus.KeepingIllnessAtBay

Fortunately, Hamilton School District custodial crew members have plenty of experience and knowledge about the most effective cleaning processes, supplies and equipment.

District Building and Grounds Manager Jeffrey Grove prefers to be proactive when it comes to keeping buildings safe for students and staff. When news about the coronavirus first surfaced, Grove checked with the district’s cleaning supply company to verify that the cleaning products and practices used in the schools would effectively destroy this year’s influenza viruses and the new coronavirus. He also ordered additional supplies such as cleaners, disposable wipes, hand sanitizers and equipment.

In addition, use of ultraviolet (UV) lamps and electrostatic disinfection machines offers the district advanced cleaning capabilities. The technology is used to:

  • disinfect heating and cooling coils in school air handling units to destroy bacteria and viruses for cleaner air and lower energy consumption;
  • sterilize air in health rooms;
  • destroy bacteria and viruses in locker room air supply ducts and gym floor mats used for wrestling, yoga and other physical education activities; and
  • provide additional cleaning of rooms during flu season using a mobile UV room sanitizer.

While they can’t eliminate all illness-causing viruses and bacteria, Grove believes the proactive work of custodians to keep schools clean and safe plays an important role in reducing sickness and absenteeism.