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Hamilton ACT test scores rise

Hamilton High School’s Class of 2019 had a composite score well above the state average on  the ACT college admissions exam, according to a report released Oct. 16. Hamilton’s composite score was 23.2 compared to the state average of 20.3.ACT

Hamilton posted the highest composite score since 2016 when Wisconsin began requiring all high school juniors to take the ACT. Composite scores for the previous three years were: class of 2018 – 22.7, class of 2017 – 23.0; and class of 2016 – 22.3.

A total of 387 students from the class of 2019 took the exam. Prior to the requirement that all juniors take the ACT, the class of 2015 — with only 267 students taking the exam – posted the school’s highest composite score of 24.5.

The ACT consists of curriculum-based tests in English, mathematics, reading and science and is designed to measure skills needed for success in first-year college coursework. Some 41% of Hamilton students met the benchmarks in all four areas compared to the state average of 24%.

Below is a chart comparing the percentage of students in the Class of 2018 who reached the benchmark in each of those areas:

Subject area Hamilton average State average
English 76% 56%
Algebra 64% 39%
Social science 55% 40%
Biology 41% 24%

The ACT is scored on a scale of one to 36.