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Hamilton posts top scores on 2018-19 Forward Exam

Hamilton School District students again scored well on the 2018-19 Wisconsin Forward Exam, topping the statewide average by 21 – 29 percentage points and outperforming all Waukesha County K-12 school districts in nearly every subject areas.Forward-Web

  • Hamilton’s science score of 77.7% was 24.4 percentage points higher than the state average of 53.3%.
  • More than 67% of Hamilton students were proficient or advanced in English language arts compared to 40.9% at the state level, putting Hamilton 26.2 percentage points above the average in Wisconsin.
  • The social studies score was 70.7% for Hamilton and 49% statewide, topping the state average by 21.7 percentage points.
  • In mathematics, 71.2% of Hamilton students were proficient or advanced – 27.8 percentage points higher than the 43.4% state average.

Among Waukesha County’s 10 K-12 school districts, Hamilton was the top performer in science, English language arts and social studies. It was the second highest in mathematics.

Hamilton School District Superintendent Paul Mielke, Ph.D., applauded the impressive test results that he attributed to the hard work of students and staff and support of families and the community.

“What we are seeing in these results is the focus and hard work of students and educators who produce the educational outcomes our community has come to expect,” Mielke said.

“Test scores are one important measure to consider, but they are not our only success factor,” Mielke said. “Our teachers strive to inspire and challenge students, while parents and community members are partners who provide support and collaboration needed for students to thrive.”

The district has initiated programs and practices that help its high-performing schools boost the achievement of all students, according to Mielke. They include emphasis on literacy skills, research-based teaching and learning strategies and targeted, systematic interventions for students who need them.

The Forward Exam tests Wisconsin students in English language arts and mathematics in grades three to eight; science in grades four and eight; and social studies in grades four, eight and 10.

Waukesha County K-12 school districts

English language arts

Hamilton 67.1
Muskego-Norway 61.0
Elmbrook 59.1
Mukwonago 58.5
New Berlin 58.5
Kettle Moraine 58.2
Pewaukee 55.5
Oconomowoc 48.2
Menomonee Falls 46.9
State 40.9
Waukesha 40.6



Hamilton 77.7
Mukwonago 71.6
Elmbrook 69.5
New Berlin 68.7
Kettle Moraine 67.8
Muskego-Norway 67.3
Pewaukee 63.9
Menomonee Falls 58.4
Oconomowoc 57.5
State 53.3
Waukesha 51.4

Social studies

Hamilton 70.7
Elmbrook 69.9
New Berlin 64.1
Muskego-Norway 63.7
Mukwonago 60.5
Pewaukee 60.2
Kettle Moraine 59.6
Menomonee Falls 59.5
Oconomowoc 52.4
State 49.0
Waukesha 45.0


Muskego-Norway 72.9
Hamilton 71.2
Elmbrook 68.2
Mukwonago 67.6
New Berlin 67.2
Kettle Moraine 61.4
Pewaukee 60.8
Menomonee Falls 58.7
Oconomowoc 57.0
Waukesha 45.4
State 43.4