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Foundation presents grants to Hamilton staff

The Hamilton Education Foundation (HEF) recognized Hamilton School District staff members who received grants at the recent Back-to-School event. HamiltonEducationLogo_Horizontal_wTag

HEF granted more than $64,000 throughout the district to support technology, learning labs, classroom equipment, growing music and the arts in the district, educational and leadership trips for students and professional development for teachers.


iLearn, iAchieve with iPadsEDITweb







iLearn, iAchieve with iPads: Archana Rajappa, Tracy Krenek, Sarah Cromos, Bronwyn Phillips (not pictured Jill Schossow)

Growing Inside & Restoring Land EDITweb







Growing Inside by Going Outside and Restoring the Land and Mind: Amy Hilgenberg, Courtney Klein, Ann Tamblingson (not pictured Peter Dargatz, Maria Palmer, Linda Hake)

Roots B4 STEM EDITweb








Roots B4 STEM: Melissa Latona, Kim Power, Kaye Hunt, Elizabeth Sidders

An Orff a DayEDITweb

An Orff a Day Helps the Children Play: Jill Casper

Improving Art Instruction EDITWeb2









Improving Art Instruction with ELMO: Amber Skaros, Becky Vaughn

Special Wheeling Powers EDITweb

Special Wheeling Powers: Lisa Strauss

iCreate, iPerform, iRespondEDITweb

iCreate, iPerform, iRespond to Music!: Megan Menzel, Heather Cheslock, Jim Gornick, Rod Loren, Jill Casper, Sarah Plamann

AP by the Sea EDITweb

AP by the Sea: Brian Groth

Not Your Standard Book Club EDITweb

Not Your Standard Book Club: Carli Schadeberg

Creative Block Play EDITweb

Creative Block Play: Renae MacCudden, Kristy Cravillion, Rheann Jacobs

Leadership Redevelopment EDITweb

Leadership Redevelopment: Jon Waite

Not pictured-Start your Engines! Building High Mileage and Electric Vehicles to Explore Energy and Power: Alan Mamerow