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Hamilton’s AP scores strong, participation high

Hamilton High School Advanced Placement (AP) results released in July show that Hamilton students performed well while dramatically increasing the number of students and exams taken.College-Board-AP-web

Some 83 percent of Hamilton students received a score of 3 or higher on AP exams, which earn them credits that are recognized by many colleges and universities. Hamilton students earned college credits in biology, calculus, chemistry, Chinese, English literature and language, environmental science, macroeconomics, physics, statistics, studio art 2-D and drawing, European history and U.S. government and politics. In contrast, only 69 percent of Wisconsin students and 61 percent of students globally had scores of 3 or higher.

Not only is the AP pass rate fifth highest in the school’s history, but the number of students and AP exams taken is at an all-time high. In 2018, 440 students took a combined 722 exams. This compares to 322 students who took 528 exams five years ago and 157 students took 225 exams in 2008.

Hamilton Principal Candis Mongan credited a long-range commitment to increasing rigor and expectations for the impressive accomplishment.

“While we celebrate our success, we understand the work that lies ahead of us,” Mongan said. “We will continue to develop initiatives that further support student achievement.”

Mongan pointed to the school’s site plan that focuses initiatives on literacy and assessment practices.

“Hamilton High School has seen incremental improvement in learning and achievement over the past decade,” Mongan said “We will continue to seek ways to better serve students and remain focused on initiatives that prepare students to be college and career ready.”