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Lannon earns state recognition for achievement

Lannon Elementary School will be recognized May 21 at the State Capitol in Madison for being among 24 high-achieving schools in the state.LannonCardinalsWeb

The recognition is part of the Wisconsin Title I Schools of Recognition awards ceremony in which three categories of awards will be presented to 135 schools. Schools will be recognized for being high-achieving, high-progress or beating the odds.

As a high-achieving school, Lannon met all annual measurable objectives for achievement and had achievement gaps less than three points between student groups or showed evidence of reducing gap.

“The state’s Title I Schools of Recognition awards recognize the efforts of students, their families, teachers, school administrators and school staff members to break the link between poverty and low academic achievement,” said State Superintendent Tony Evers. “Their success is something to celebrate.”

The Wisconsin Title I School of Recognition awards highlight schools that have demonstrated success in educating students from low-income families. To be eligible, schools must receive federal Title I funding to provide services for economically disadvantaged children.