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Templeton students to compete in regional National History Day

More than three dozen Templeton Middle School eighth-graders will compete March 10 at the regional level of National History Day. Finalists were selected previously at the school level and will go on to compete at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.StandingBulldogWord

National History Day is an academic enrichment program for students in grades 6-12. Students select topics connected to an annual theme and complete their own in-depth research on the topic. This year the annual theme is “Conflict and Compromise in History.” Students present their conclusions in a written paper, a performance, an exhibit board, a documentary or a website.

The school event is the first step in a competition cycle that can take students from the school level to regional, state and national competitions. At each level of competition, students share their work with peers, historians, educators and professionals in related fields as they compete for special awards and the opportunity to advance to the next level of competition.

Students from Templeton and their projects advancing to the regional level are:

Group websites:

  • Emma Struebing and Elisabeth Fischer – “Extraordinary Nine”
  • Connor Tohulka, Brady Byrnes, Baljinder Singh – “The Russian Campaign: The Invasion with No Benefit
  • Madelyn Gorgen, Allison Massek, Raychel Meleski – “America’s First Female War Heroine”
  • Cameron Aron, Connor Voss, Zachary Schultz – “The Early Console Wars”

Individual websites:

  • Carson Bettwy – “The Munich Massacre: The Tragedy that Occurred at the Olympic Village”

Group exhibit boards:

  • Kate Powell and Cassandra Leuty – “Conflict and Compromise of the Berlin Wall”
  • Connor Wilcox and Keaton Peters – “Berlin Wall: The Life Changing Divider”
  • Adam Oberlin and Luke Wenzel – “Jesse Owens: One Chance is All You Need”
  • Cole Klade and Robert Avrit – “Nagasaki and Hiroshima: The Blast From the Past”
  • Mya Suneja and Trisha Shankar – “The Road to Equal Education: The Story of Ruby Bridges”
  • Alternates: Isaiah Fuhriman, Alexander Tong, Mason Naatz and Grace Reek, Lauren Dankert

Individual exhibit boards:

  • Pranav Karra – “New York Draft Riots of 1863: The Insurrection of America”
  • Nicholas Pfersch – “Desert Storm: The 42 Day Liberation”
  • Joseph Venn – “Stonewall Riots: The Beginning of the LGBT Movement”
  • Molly Wrobleski – “Collapse: The Fall of the Aztec Empire”
  • Kayleigh Kopidlansky – “Women’s Suffrage”
  • Alternates: Anthony Tilidetzke and Qamryn Ross


  • Qaitlyn Ross – “The Progression of Equality”

Group documentary:

  • Colby Horn, Alexander Eichmann, Pranav Saravaran – “Jesse Owens: Outrunning Competitors and Conflicts”

Individual documentary:

  • Autumn Walentoski – “Conflict and Compromise Surrounding the Freedom of Religion”
  • Madison Stromberg – “Little Rock Nine”