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Foundation presents awards, grants to Hamilton staff

The Hamilton Education Foundation (HEF) recognized Hamilton School District staff members who received grants at the Back-to-School Breakfast.

HEF granted more than $58,000 throughout the district to support technology, learning and language labs at several schools, growing theatre and the arts in the district, educational and leadership trips for students and professional development in reading and writing for elementary school teachers.

Cooke-NH-grant recipients

Cooke New Horizons grants: (Front row) Michelle Prei, Archana Rajappa, Bronwyn Phillips, Jodi Schossow, Trenette Fowler, Ashley Pfeifer (back row) Jen Knapp, Katie Foy, Trisha Hanrahan, Rhonda Watton, Rebeccah Derks, Mary Caucutt, Tim Cunningham, Brenda Peterson   (not pictured Chuck DuFrane)

Elementary-Make-a-Difference recipients

Make a Difference: Whitney Roth, Callie Lauer, Kathi Mueller, Amy Yellin, Julie Greenwald, Michele Trawicki, Elizabeth Lodl, Colleen Casper, Michelle Schultz, Amber Schroeder (not pictured Robyn Hassani, Sarah Plamann, Amber Skaros)

Secondary-Make-a-Difference recipients

Make a Difference: (Front row) Steffanie Sheikh, Jessica Ronk, Amanda Fields, Patricia Sankey, Ashley Pfeifer (back row) Andrew Kougl, Joseph Premo, Deb Figueroa, Jen Knapp, Mary Caucutt