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District presents Sussex Chamber with Community Service Award

The Hamilton School District presented the Sussex Area Chamber of Commerce with its 2017 Community Service Award at the May 15 School Board meeting. Public Information Coordinator Denise Dorn Lindberg said the chamber was deserving of the district’s highest award because it builds common ground in the community and encourages community service that focuses on the greater good for the community.

Lindberg commended the chamber for recognizing that a high quality school district is the backbone of a strong economy and an investment in workforce development which supports families and children.

Chamber Board members, several who were at the meeting, were recognized for being the “heart and soul” the organization.

“This award is for community service, and these board members and others who preceded them are truly community servants who have strengthened our community and thereby, strengthened the Hamilton School District,” Lindberg said.

In addition to its support of the community and local businesses, the Chamber afforded many opportunities to the Hamilton School District including:

  • support for INSPIRE, a tool that links students’ interest in careers with local businesses;
  • leadership in the Manufacturing and Career Expo;
  • partnership in Spring Fest;
  • funding student scholarships;
  • hosting community events that draw decision-makers and citizens together;
  • working with DECA students to give them experience with the surveying, marketing and presentation skills that took them to state competition;
  • offering counsel on the preparation students need for the world of work;
  • networking for staff to make important contacts at programs and special events;
  • exposure for the district through the Chamber website and other publications;
  • professional development for district staff through the Chamber’s Leadership Series and Lunch n Learn programs; and
  • sponsorship and hosting of government forums for locally elected positions.
    The chamber was formed in 2000 in response to needs for a network in the Sussex area to promote business activities in the community. As a business membership organization, the chamber encourages ongoing economic development by creating a positive business environment. The chamber promotes the economic, civic, cultural and education interests of the community through partnerships with members and community leaders.


(From left) Superintendent Paul Mielke, Ph.D., Chamber board members Caroline Jens and Jamie Schounard, Chamber Executive Director Kathryn Wagner and School Board President Gabe Kolesari