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Foundation presents grants to staff

The Hamilton Education Foundation (HEF) recognized Hamilton School District staff members who received grants at the Back-to-School Breakfast.

HEF granted more than $71,000 throughout the district to support technology at several schools, a middle school program teaching and modeling communication, coping and decision-making skills, fine arts experiences for high school band students, educational and leadership trips for students, materials for an outdoor classroom, along with summer school busing and training for summer training for middle school teachers.

Previously known as New Horizon grants, the grants were renamed in 2016 to recognize former Superintendent Kathleen Cooke, Ph.D. who retired June 2016 after serving the district for 23 years.

Staff members who applied for and received grants are below.


From left (front row) Nick Roth, Misti Swanson, Patty Sankey, Cathy Drago (back row) Kameron Cerroni, Alan Schneider, Tim Cunningham, David Neubauer and Robert Pechanach


From left (front row) Nick Roth, Amy Wilde, Tina Hill, Katie Bernard, (back row) Robert Pechanach, Chris Beck, Mary Caucutt, Beth Giesler and Jeni Maier (not pictured Jon Waite, Alan Simays)


From left (front row) Amy Hilgenberg, Courtney Klein, Elizabeth Lodl, Kim Zabel, Lynda Pesch, Christine Sapa, Jen Emory (back row) Ann Tamblingson, Brian Siegel, Peter Dargatz, Jen Reuter, Beth Schaefer, Brooke Boettecher (not pictured Melissa Remmel)