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School Board appoints Jay Jones to Lannon seat

Hamilton School Board members appointed Jay Jones to serve out the term of Jim Long as Lannon representative at its Aug. 3 special meeting. Jones will take his oath of office at the Aug. 15 School Board meeting with the term ending in April 2017.

Jay JonesJones has been a resident of Lannon for 10 years and is a parent of two Lannon Elementary School students. He has worked in the Information Technology Department for Joy Global for the past eight years. He was employed in the district from 2006 to 2008 as network engineer and computer support technician. He said he looks forward to contributing as a board member.

“Serving as a School Board member is an opportunity to give back to the Hamilton community to which I belong,” Jones said.

Long, who has served as the Lannon representative to the School Board member since 1990, resigned his seat effective July 19 because he resides a portion of the year in Florida. He said serving the district on behalf of children was an honor and privilege.

The Hamilton School Board has seven seats representing five municipalities and two at-large posts. While district voters cast ballots for all the positions, candidates must live in the communities they represent. Candidates can live anywhere in the district to qualify for the at-large positions. When a vacancy on the School Board occurs, the remaining members are responsible to appoint a qualified citizen to fill the position.