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Templeton teacher attends colloquium

Templeton Middle School social studies teacher Alan Schneider recently attended the “America in WWI Colloquium” in Kansas City. The weekend class brought together 20 secondary level history and social studies teachers from across the country to examine primary source documents, with the focus on how American participation in World War I transformed society.

Teaching American History, a privately funded national program that educates teachers in American history topics and teaching methods, chose Schneider to participate in the expense-paid colloquium. He was selected after completing an application and essay describing how content connections from the institute will be implemented in his classroom.

At the colloquium, educators analyzed the debates over entering the war, expanding the role of the United States in the world, mobilizing the economy and public opinion to support the war, and granting new civil rights to women and African Americans. Part of the program was held at the National WWI Museum, including a special behind the scenes tour of the museum archives.