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Hamilton students excel at state music festival

 Hamilton High School music students participated April 25 in the Wisconsin School Music Association (WSMA) Music Festival held at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. The Exemplary Solo Recognition Project, which recognizes exemplary soloists participating in the competition, selected freshman Sarah May as an Exemplary Soloist for her violin solo. Euphonium player Erin Magoon earned a nomination. WSMA adjudicators nominate soloists throughout the day and the honor is awarded at the end of the competition.

Students entered as individual soloists, part of an ensemble or both. A WSMA judge rated them on a I-V system with I as the highest. Earning a superior rating of I:

·        Hamilton A Cappella Choir, mixed vocal jazz;

·        Kaitlin Flynn, soprano solo and musical theater solo;

·        Veronica Ludin, musical theater solo;

·        Hannah Menzel, musical theater solo;

·        Emma Chung, alto solo;

·        Krystal Fedie, soprano solo;

·        Jason Schlaman and Ashley DeJaco, vocal duet;

·        Veronica Ludin and Josef Samara, vocal duet;

·        Dustin Hartwig and Kaitlyn Miller, vocal duet;

·        Emma Chung, Kate Meagher, Lauren LaFond, Lauren Spankowski, Rhea Last, Ritika Rajappa, Emily Smith, Emily Sereg, Alyssa Prodoehl, Isabella Spek, Rachel Burkard, Anne Perrizo, Amanjot Yadev and Suzan Hang, clarinet choir;

·        Alexander Hillmer, Melanie Hall, Benjamin Pink, Stephanie Hopkins, Eric Sapa, Matthew Bettwy, Rashelle Pershman, Chloe Simchick, Megan Jansett, Jonah Brown, Mitchell   Hudson, Brandon Christianson, Maya Peske, Ann Marie Krolczyk, Samuel Chapman, Megan Gundrum and Matthew McGuire, brass ensemble;

·        Alexander Hillmer, jazz improvisation piano solo;

·        Alexandra Stephens and Sarah Chartrand, flute duet;

·        Emma Chung, clarinet solo;

·        Kate Meagher, clarinet solo;

·        Alexander Hillmer, jazz improvisation trumpet solo;

·        Ann Marie Krolczyk, euphonium solo;

·        Erin Magoon, euphonium solo;

·        Chloe Simchick, French horn solo;

·        Megan Jansett, French horn solo;

·        Emma Chung and Kate Meagher, clarinet duet;

·        Emily Smith and Emily Sereg, clarinet duet; amd

·        Sarah May, violin solo.

The following music students earned an excellent rating of II:

·        Gabriela Fuhriman, alto solo;

·        Lindsey Paquette, musical theater solo;

·        Kira Lange, musical theater solo and soprano solo;

·        Tien Mai, soprano solo;

·        Salvatore Calatola-Young, bass solo;

·        Hannah Menzel, soprano solo;

·        Ashley DeJaco, alto solo;

·        Veronica Ludin, soprano solo;

·        Matthew Smith, piano solo;

·        Lauren LaFond, clarinet solo;

·        Jonah Brown, trumpet solo;

·        Maxwell Cavadel, snare drum solo;

·        Paige Lovelien, alto saxophone solo; and

·        Matthew Bettwy, trumpet solo.