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Woodside to raise funds for Sudan communities

Woodside Elementary School students and families are about to learn that a simple act can make a big impact on the lives of people half a world away. Pledging to drink only water and giving up other beverages for two weeks, Woodside families will contribute to The H2O Project which will help Water for South Sudan, Inc., drill wells and install pumps that will provide a lifetime of clean water to needy third world communities.

Before the school fundraiser begins on Feb. 9, students will learn about the impact a simple water well can have on a community where water shortages have brought poverty, disease and death. Then for two weeks, students and families will be encouraged to make water their only beverage choice and donate the money that would have been spent on sodas, fruit drinks and other liquid refreshments to The H2O Project.

Community members are welcome to join the school by participating in the project. For additional information, please call the Woodside office at (262) 820-1530 or visit

Woodside Elementary School is located at W236 N7465 Woodside Rd. in Sussex.