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Plastics society gives Templeton grants for program


For the third time since 2008, the Milwaukee Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) Education Foundation awarded Templeton Middle School Technology and Engineering Department a sizable grant to update machines used in the classroom.

This year’s $4,270 grant will replace three injection molding machines that the SPE Foundation originally purchased for the school in 2008. The machines became a key component in the technology and engineering curriculum with thousands of middle school students using them since then.

The SPE Foundation provided a total of $12,034 in grants over the years which – in addition to the three injection molding machines – resulted in the acquisition of a vacuum thermoformer and benchtop CNC mill.

All Templeton seventh-graders take a quarterlong technology and engineering course, and eighth-graders have the option of taking a yearlong class. In seventh grade, students study the design process, drafting, 3D modeling and printing, and wood and plastic fabrication processes. Students in the eighth grade elective course continue to study concepts covered in the required course and advance to electricity, robotics, transportation, software coding, material properties and structures.

Templeton Technology and Engineering Department has received a number of quality recognition awards. Templeton was named a School of STEM Excellence in 2011by Project Lead The Way, the Wisconsin Middle School Program of the Year in 2012 by the Wisconsin Technology Education Association, and a Program of Excellence in 2013 by the International Technology and Engineering Education Association