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Inclement weather considerations



The Hamilton School District considers multiple factors when determining whether to operate during inclement weather. Student safety is the utmost concern. Road conditions, temperature and wind chill factors are considered. Input is sought from department of public works, Waukesha Sheriff’s Department, our bus company and the National Weather Service.

In making decisions about school closings due to cold weather, the district uses the threshold of approximately -35 degrees F established by the National Weather Service. This is the standard used by all Waukesha County school districts.

When schools close, the district will communicate to families and staff using Infinite Campus tools (automated phone calls, texts and emails), district website, district Facebook page, employee intranet and announcements to television and radio stations.

Phone calls are made between 5:15 a.m. and 6:15 a.m. when school is canceled or delayed. Information using other methods of communication is posted when the decision is made.

When schools are open, all students are expected to attend. However, individual circumstances vary and parents make the ultimate decision for the welfare of their children during inclement weather.

Families should prepare for those possibilities by:
• having a plan that ensures children have a safe place to be if school closes;
• going over the plan with children in advance; and
• keeping Infinite Campus contact information and communication preferences up to date.