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New athletic center used throughout school day and after school



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The Hamilton Athletic Center has been a busy place since it opened in November of 2014. The facility is booked throughout the school day with fitness education classes. After school girls and boys teams use the center to train.

Highlights of the Hamilton Athletic Center include:

  • It is a multi-purpose athletic, classroom and training facility.
  • Facility is first of its kind in Wisconsin for a K-12 school district.
  • Nearly 40 girls and boys teams, squads and the marching band will use the indoor practice space.
  • Construction cost was $4.83 million that came from the district’s 2013-14 and 2014-15 maintenance budget and fund balance without raising taxes.
  • Included are an athletic center, weight room, training room and two bathrooms.
  • Synthetic field turf was used in the athletic center.
  • It is intended for training and practice, but not performances, games or contests.
  • The district looked into building a new fieldhouse in 2006, but a survey showed community was not in support.
  • The project was supported by members of the community Facilities Advisory Committee (FAC).

Need for training space:

  • Practice and training space was much needed; athletes were using hallways and the cafeteria because of limited gym space.
  • Student athletic participation increased 33 percent and six levels of sports were added in the past decade.
  • School hallways and the cafeteria were used for training in addition to the main gym, small gym and wrestling room.
  • The second floor weight room was not ADA accessible.
  • Dropping of free weights on the floor created facility distress.

The community Facility Advisory Committee (FAC) reviewed building space needs in 2006 and concluded that additional space was needed for fitness classes and athletic use. The committee considered construction of a fieldhouse as a solution, but survey data showed lack of support for a facility that was expected to cost nearly $15 million in 2008, and the idea was dropped. The district renovated the Hamilton High School gym in 2008, replacing materials original to the school built in 1963, but space was not added.