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Hamilton, Templeton team wins state JV History Bowl

The student team of Hamilton High School freshman Dominc Pino and Templeton Middle School eighth-grader Andrew Tai won the 2013-14 Wisconsin Junior Varsity History Bowl championship.

The National History Bowl offers varsity and junior varsity competition as well as bee and bowl competition. The primary difference is that the bee is an individual competition whereas the bowl is a team competition. The regional and state history bees are held on the same date and site as the regional and state history bowls, but at different times so students can compete in both.

The National History Bowl strives to promote history education throughout the United States, and around the world. The substance and style of questions used in The National History Bowl reward students who can make connections across eras, places, and themes in history; thus students enhance their understanding of history through preparation and competition. For more information, please visit