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Templeton students regional finalists in National History Day

More than three dozen Templeton Middle School eighth-graders will compete March 29 at the regional level of National History Day. Finalists were selected Feb. 20 at the school level and will go on to compete at Carroll University.

National History Day is an academic enrichment program for students in grades 6-12. Students select topics connected to an annual theme and complete their own in-depth research on the topic. This year the annual theme is “Rights and Responsibilities.” Students present their conclusions in a written paper, a performance, an exhibit board, a documentary or a website.

The school event is the first step in a competition cycle that can take students from the school level to regional, state and national competitions. At each level of competition, students share their work with peers, historians, educators and professionals in related fields as they compete for special awards and the opportunity to advance to the next level of competition.

Students from Templeton and their projects advancing to the regional level are:


Group websites:

  • Brian Wiedenfeld, Jacob Schmitt – “The Shot Heard Around the World: The Battles of Lexington and Concord”
  • Cameron Davis, Nicholas Gierach – “D-Day”
  • Conner Parris, Andrew Tai, Tyler Wroblewski – “Black Sox Scandal: The Zenith of Baseball’s Greed”
  • Hannah Quimby, J’aime Mumper – “Ellis Island: A Growing Nation”
  • Maxwell Golemgeske, Phillip Birkenheier, Jacob Heinzelman – “Jackie Robinson: How He Changed Baseball”
  • Alternates: Morgan Dercola, Keri Bohlmann

Individual websites:

  • Trevor Wallis – “The Changing Rights of American Women”
  • Kennedy Lor – “Joan of Arc: The Maid of France”
  • Loveleen Kaur – “India: The Fight Against Child Labor”
  • Rashelle Pershman – “Rupert Murdoch”
  • Amanda Gall – “Women’s Voting Rights”
  • Alternates: Noah Kristensen, Brandon Kloehn 

Group exhibit boards:

  • Ann Marie Krolczyk, Madison Earing – “The Fire That Changed Everything”
  • Ethan Bauer, Ty Olejnik, Adam Hartung – “The Black Cyclone: The Man Who Made African American History”
  • Hang Yin, Taylor Earing – “John Peter Zenger: Freedom of the Press”
  • Megan Gall, Carolyn Troutman – “Little Rock Nine: A Quest for Equality and Desegregation”
  • Austin Neman, Anthony Schmidt – “Forced Labor in Coal Mines”
  • Alternates: Ashley Kusserow, Elise Strackbein, Alex Pintor, Emma Schmitz 

Individual exhibit boards:

  • Chase Voelzke – “Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand”
  • Christopher Lawrence – “Igniting Industrial Safety”
  • Emily Sereg – “American with Disabilities Act: Public Accomodations”
  • Ashley Wittmann – “Fabulous Fashions of the 1920s”
  • Taynique Hawthorne – “Jackie Robinson: Color Barrier is Broken”
  • Alternate: Lesa Povletich 


  • Izabel Krystowiak – “Bonnie and Clyde: The Barrow Gang”
  • Connor Pauly – “Lincoln Assasination”
  • Rachel Milbrath – “Four Freedoms to Live By”
  • Alexander Kroening – “The Day We Waited” 

Group performance:

  • Isabela Costa, Eliana Selin – “Fashionable Rights”


Individual performance:

  • Kylie Earing – “Girls’ Education Rights in Pakistan”


Group documentary:

  • Shashank Venkataramani, Jason Schrader – “Harry Houdini’s Entertainment of Magic and Illusions”


Individual documentary:

  • Meghan Wall – “Vincent Van Gogh: The Misunderstood Painter”