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Hamilton decides to put prize money to use

As one of the winners of the U.S. Cellular Calling All Communities campaign in 2013, Hamilton High School Student Council was presented with $25,000 from the national cell phone company to enhance the educational experience for students.

A group of students and staff gathered to find the best use for funds and decided to put the money to use with the purchase of several classroom Smart Boards, funds for Student Council use and water stations that fill reusable bottles with filtered water.

Smart Boards would be added to business, German, Mandarin and Spanish classrooms along with technology to support the school’s graphics program. Student Council members are considering inviting a guest speaker to the school for a student presentation to be held next year . Purchase of water filtration stations with a bubbler and no-touch bottle filler would add to units that had been funded and installed previously by students groups. The filtered systems are popular with students not only their environmental-friendly appeal, but for its ability to produce clean water.

Hamilton was one of 20 schools in the country that earned the $25,000 prize money by garnering community votes for its school. The high school’s Student Council spearheaded the campaign which asked community members, age 18 and older, to vote.