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Foundation presents awards, grants to Hamilton staff


The Hamilton Education Foundation presented 34 Hamilton School District staff members with awards at the Aug. 29 Back-to-School Breakfast. Five teachers were presented with “A Class Act” tributes, another nine staff members were awarded New Horizons Grants, 25 staff members were recognized for grants awarded over the past school year, and three support staff members received the ROSS award.

“A Class Act” Tributes salute teachers for meritorious performance in the classroom who are outstanding role models in “enhancing our children’s futures.” These awards went to Maple Avenue Elementary School grade 5 teacher Kristin Leaman, Templeton Middle School grade 6 teacher Larry Shurilla, Maple Avenue grade 4 teacher Patty Coburn, Templeton applied technology and engineering teacher Shannon Flaherty and Maple Avenue grade 4 teacher Kimberly Mechenich.

New Horizons grants will fund a total of about $3,400 unique and innovative projects as requested by Hamilton teachers to enrich or supplement teaching efforts and learning activities that directly benefit students. Each New Horizon Grant offers up to $750 to help implement new ideas into the class curriculum beyond those supported by budgeted school funds. Since its inception in 1991, the Hamilton Education Foundation has awarded nearly $153,400 in New Horizons Grants. Teachers awarded 2013-14 New Horizons grants were Marcy Elementary School guidance counselor Lori Schlapman, Maple Avenue Elementary School grade 5 teacher Kristin Leaman, Templeton grade 7 teachers Mary Caucutt, Chris Beck, Michelle Prei and Shannon Merkowitz, Hamilton family and consumer sciences teacher Kathy Rankin, Marcy kindergarten teacher Elizabeth Sidders and Templeton school social worker Cheryl Johnson.

HEF granted almost $41,600 throughout the district to support technology at several schools, fine arts experiences for high school band and chorus students, cultural trips for students and teachers, manipulatives for kindergartners, equipment for high school art classes, along with summer school busing and training for elementary teachers and high school peer leaders. Staff members who applied for and received grants for the 2012-13 school year included: Marcy staff members Ann Marie Pilo, Elizabeth Sidders, Kathleen Mueller, Kelly Kluck, Callie Lauer, Kaye Hunt, Mary Stein; Woodside staff members Karen DeShong, Kristin Enoch, Alyssa Knutson, Trisha Hanrahan, Mindy Pilecky, Brian Siegel, Pamela Welter, Adam Scanlan and Kelly Flanagan;

Lannon Principal Richard Ladd; Hamilton staff members Erica Bova Brown, Stephanie Shoemaker, Kristine Gielow, Kelly Meyer, Kelly Belot and Kristin Hasbrook; Templeton teacher Rhonda Watton; and Hamilton Fine Arts Center Coordinator Lyn Hulgan.

Recognition of Support Staff (ROSS) tributes are presented to district support staff members who are committed and dedicated to a positive and professional environment in Hamilton. This year HEF honored special education paraprofessionals Lisa Boucher and Sally Purcell and Information Technology support staff member Scott Singer.



A Class Act recipients: Kristin Leaman, Larry Shurilla, Patty Coburn, Shannon Flaherty and Kimberly Mechenich


New Horizon Grant recipients: Lori Schlapman, Kristin Leaman, Mary Caucutt, Chris Beck, Shannon Merkowitz, and Kathy Rankin (not pictured Elizabeth Sidders, Michelle Prei and Cheryl Johnson)



Grants elementary level: (front) Ann Marie Pilo, Kelly Kluck, Karen DeShong, Kristin Enoch, Elizabeth Sidders, Kathleen Mueller, (back) Alyssa Knutson, Callie Lauer, Trisha Hanrahan, Mindy Pilecky, Brian Siegel, Richard Ladd, Kaye Hunt, Mary Stein and Pamela Welter (not pictured Adam Scanlan, Kelly Flanagan)



Grants secondary level: Erica Bova-Brown, Stephanie Shoemaker, Kristine Gielow, Kelly Meyer, Rhonda Watton (Not pictured Lyn Hulgan, Kristin Hasbrook, Kelly Belot)



Ross Award winners: Lisa Boucher, Scott Singer and Sally Purcell