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Hamilton students compete at state music festival

Hamilton High School band and choir students competed April 27 in the State Solo and Ensemble Music Festival held at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Students entered as individual soloists, part of an ensemble or both. A Wisconsin School Music Association (WSMA) judge rated them on a I-V system with I as the highest.

The following students earned I rating:

  • Harrison Yu, Bailee Bobert, Brandon Joel, Chong Zhang, Amanda Joel, Samantha Doperalski, Melanie Hall, Paige Lovelien, Michelle Bader, Joshua Belli, Devin Sartler, Aaron Hintz, Bailey Sapa and Jacob Merkel, saxophone choir;
  • Miranda Brown, Emma Chung, Kate Meagher, Lauren LaFond, Lauren Spankowski, Kelly Verhaalen, Angela LeDonne, Ritika Rajappa, Anne Perrizo, Kevin Jansen, Kaley Georgenson, Olivia Wick and Carissa Dowden, clarinet choir;
  • Samuel Leinon, marching drums solo;
  • Miranda Brown, Emma Chung, Kate Meagher, Lauren LaFond, clarinet solos;
  • Shannan Brown, Elizabeth Casper, flute solos;
  • Miranda Brown and Emma Chung, clarinet duet;
  • Shannan Brown and Miranda Brown, flute-clarinet duet;
  • Michael Scott and Jackson Petermann, trombone duet;
  • Michael Scott and Matthew Ciolkosz, baritone duet;
  • Samuel Leinon and Nicholas Fricano, marching snare drum duet;
  • Michelle Bader and another student, alto sax duet;
  • Elizabeth Casper and Hannah Bjorklund, flute duet;
  • Miranda Brown, Emma Chung, Kate Meagher and Carissa Dowden, clarinet quartet;
  • Bailee Bobert, Brandon Joel, Aaron Hintz, Megan Hessler and Jacob Merkel, sax quintet;
  • Robert Little, piano solo;
  • Lindsey Paquette, vocal solo; and
  • Emily Cox and Mary Jo Ludin, vocal duet.

In addition, Miranda Brown received an Exemplary Award citation for outstanding soloist of the day in her room.

Receiving II ratings were:

  • Beatrice Kuenn, oboe solo;
  • Samantha Gusho and Emily Thoummavong, mallet duet;
  • Miranda Brown, piano solo; and
  • Emily Cox, Mary Jo Ludin, Bari Geers, Alexandra Fischer, Rebekah Mareno, Erin Pagenkopf, Bethany Wandsnider, Nicole Thom, Joseph Rosewicz, Ernest Gray, Daniel Joll, Alexander Ludin, Jacob Menzel, Helen Fredstam, Amanda Rae Pintor, Jessica Hutchison, Aubrey Sears, Rebekah Oleson, Erin McKee, Hailey VanMullem, Brittany Larson and Mandi Ruh, A Cappella vocal jazz group.