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Woodside celebrates Red Ribbon Week

Woodside Elementary School students will celebrate Red Ribbon Week Oct. 25-27 with activities that promote a drug-free and healthy lifestyle. This year’s theme is “Follow Your Dreams – Don’t Do Drugs.”
Activities include:
  • Oct. 25 – Students will wear red and white to kick off the week. They will learn about the history of Red Ribbon Week and be encouraged to do healthy activities with their families such as bike riding, walking or playing sports. Red Ribbons and pencils with the “Follow Your Dreams – Don’t Do Drugs” theme and “Follow Your Dreams” worksheets will be handed out. Students will share what their dreams are.


  • Oct. 26  – Students will be encouraged to wear pajamas and hang up their worksheets on lockers or bulletin boards.
  • Oct. 27 – Students will participate in healthy snack and lunch day. Ronald McDonald will perform for students in grades K-2, and Deputy Brad Schuenemann and his K-9 unit will present to students focusing on anti-drug and healthy lifestyle messages.
Red Ribbon Week activities are organized through the guidance and fitness education programs and made possible because of funding from the Woodside Home and School.
Red Ribbon week got its start in 1988 when drug enforcement agent Enrique Camarena was killed during an investigation into Mexican drug trafficking. In his memory, red ribbons were worn to symbolize the stand against the illegal use of alcohol and other drugs. From this memorial, Red Ribbon Week has turned into a national event. Schools and communities across the nation celebrate this week to renew their commitment to healthy and drug free lifestyles and to show their support for drug and alcohol abuse prevention.
Woodside Elementary School is located at W236 N7465 Woodside Road, Sussex.