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Hamilton named Government of Year

The Hamilton School District was recently named Government of the Year in the 15th Annual Waukesha County Executive Award program for contributing to the success of Waukesha County and its citizens. Waukesha County Executive Daniel P. Vrakas announced that Hamilton was chosen among many outstanding nominees because of the excellence it demonstrates as a successful organization in the community.
“We are honored to have been chosen for this award because it recognizes the efforts of the school district to be wise stewards of the community’s resources,” Superintendent Kathleen M. Cooke, Ph.D., said.
“Taxpayers are interested in how resources are expended and the results that are achieved with their investments,” Cooke said. “Hamilton is one of the highest-achieving, yet lowest-spending districts in Waukesha County. This award affirms the work of the School Board and staff to operate with efficiency and achieve cost-savings while delivering high quality education.”
The panel of judges assessed nominees based how they meet the needs of taxpayers, customers, investors, employees and the community at large. Specifically, the panel chose Hamilton as the Government of the Year based on its:
–          ability to leverage resources to improve service delivery,
–          implementation of innovative strategies to better serve constituents,
–          participation in collaborative efforts to improve service and reduce costs, and
–          consolidation of resources and services.
“Throughout its history, our County has been blessed with countless organizations that have demonstrated a keen sense of responsibility toward its stakeholders,” Vrakas wrote in a letter to nominees. “This balanced definition of success has contributed greatly to the quality of life here, which will help to ensure that Waukesha County continues to thrive for years to come.”
Others who were named 2010 Waukesha County Executive Award-winners were: Fox Bros. Piggly Wiggly, business of the year; Humane Animal Welfare Society of Waukesha County, large nonprofit of the year; St. John’s Northwestern Military Academy, honorable mention for large nonprofit; Interfaith Senior Programs, honorable mention for large nonprofit; ARCh, small nonprofit of the year.
Winners will be honored at the 15th Annual County Executive Awards Luncheon Oct. 14 at Country Springs in Waukesha.