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Templeton teams do well at Lego League contest

Four Templeton Middle School teams fared well Nov. 21 as they competed for the first time at the Wisconsin FIRST LEGO League Regional Competition. The regional tournament was held at Marquette University High School in Milwaukee. FIRST LEGO is a competition that introduces elementary and middle school students to science and technology.

With the help of Hamilton High School Robotics team members Zackery Kollmann, Timothy Jansen, Sean Mason, Kory Sonnemann, Matthew Coe and Joseph Durica, the Templeton teams designed, built and programmed their own robots to perform a series of tasks. In a field with many experienced teams who have worked together for years, all four Templeton rookie teams – Supersonic Systems, Pie-Fi, Lego Landslide and Gear Dragons – performed and placed well.

The Gear Dragons team of August Hermberg, Brian Smith, Carlton Swartzendruber, Victoria Speckin, Maximillian Geis and Tanner Brandt was a finalist for the “Teamwork Award” and was chosen as an alternate for the State Lego League Competition. In addition, the following students were part of Templeton’s 2009 LEGO League season: Samuel Wishart, Carl Gust, Adam Rosman, Joseph Walkowiak, Christopher Cozzuli, Ryan Adrian, Conner Carel, Cole Smiltneek, Matthew Kioski, Benjamin Meinzer, Christopher Weinand, Maxwell Zarling, Nathan Bruss, Taylor Beimborn, Alex Zibell, Benjamin Zarling, Andrea Wall, Nicholas Wishart, Andrew Coe, Jakob Polzer, Kyle Higgins and Kyle Herda.

Templeton teachers Kristy Laurich and Christina Schwechel coached the FIRST LEGO League teams.