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Students present at technology conference

Templeton Middle School eighth-graders Aaron Sonnemann and Bailee Bobert and Hamilton High School freshman Alan Mamerow showcased their knowledge of the design and engineering process Oct. 22 at the 6th annual SySTEMnow Conference at the Bradley Center in Milwaukee.

Students displayed projects and designs that they developed in Templeton technology and engineering classes. They presented air-powered model racecars that were designed using 3-D modeling software. The cars were constructed in class with vacuum thermoforming equipment donated by the Milwaukee Society of Plastics Engineers.

Students also displayed their knowledge of materials science through the design and construction of concrete composite samples. The display included a number of other design and engineering projects ranging from an interactive white board system to model towers designed to withstand a simulated earthquake.

The SySTEMnow Conference is one of Wisconsin’s leading forums for developing, promoting and implementing science, technology, engineering and math partnerships between K-12 education, higher education and the workforce.