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Summer Opportunities = math fun

For students in the Hamilton School District’s Summer Opportunities Making Sense of Math class, math problems are being solved using more than just a pencil and paper. The first-graders are using motion and artistic expression as well.

Students in the class listened to the Dr. Seuss story “Ten Apples Up on Top,” which inspired them to use the idea of balancing apples on their heads to solve math problems. Students made pictures of themselves balancing apples on their heads. They also pantomimed balancing apples, losing balance and visualizing how many apples fell off. Students then adjusted their pictures to reflect the pantomime. The culminating activity involved teachers Tracey Jones, Sue Noelck and Joan Greethurst redistributing the number sentences and having students match their given number sentence to the correct self-portrait.

Hamilton School District’s Summer Opportunities classes began June 22 and continue until July 17. A wide variety of enrichment, promotional and invitational classes are offered including academics, technology, drama, world languages, sports, arts and crafts, special interests and cooking.