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Hamilton students travel to Japan over spring break

A total of 14 Hamilton High School students and their advisors have embarked on an educational trip to Japan during spring break. Over the course of nine days, students will be trekking through five cities and visiting an array of special attractions, including the Meiji Shinto Shrine, Asakusa Kannon Temple, Nijo Castle, the Gold Pavilion, and Hakone, home of Mt. Fuji.

Students will have the opportunity to witness the lifestyles of people inhabiting the technological Mecca of the world, Tokyo, as well as those whom live among the less developed sectors of the nation. Japan is both ultra modern and ancient; a dichotomy that will likely captivate students.

While the majority of the trip expense was covered by students personally, the Hamilton Education Foundation provided a $1,700 grant for the group that will assist with costs for admissions to museums and attractions.