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Templeton students honored for WMSA performances

Templeton Middle School recognized the following students for their achievement at the Wisconsin School Music Association’s (WSMA) District Solo & Ensemble Festival April 4 and 5 at Mukwonago High School. Music students were entered in adjudicated evaluation by either performing as a soloist or as part of an ensemble. Each entry was judged with regard to tone quality, intonation development, balance and blend, performance skills, articulation and diction proficiency, and musical interpretation.

Receiving a 1-star rating of EXCELLENT and qualifying for the State Solo & Ensemble Festival at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee was:
Class A:

  • violin solo – Stephanie Petersen

Receiving a 1 rating of EXCELLENT were:
Class B:

  • flute solos – Leah Stapelman, Lauren Dawley, Madeline Oskey and Elizabeth Dorsey
  • clarinet solos – Kirsten Fischer, Amy Zoulek, Mathew Olkowski and Miranda Brown
  • French horn solo – Lydia Salus
  • alto saxophone solo – Nicholas Ritter
  • trumpet solo – Paul Mora
  • piano solos – Mathew Olkowski and Dan Smith
  • concert snare drum solos – Nathan Gray, Dan Smith, Ryan Denninger, Chris Flink and Jordan Kind
  • flute duet – Madeline Oskey and Lauren Dawley
  • flute trio – Taylor Yops, Holly Papenthien, and Kelly Saeger
  • trumpet trio – Paul Mora, Matt Coe, and Cody Neverman

Class C:

  • flute solos – Kelsey James, Samantha Lehman, Hannah Jasinski, Miranda Simes, Nicole Zeman, Shannan Brown, Alex Kavanaugh and Erin Pagenkopf
  • clarinet solos – Alissa Krenke, Brooke Schultz, Elizabeth Spektor, Tyler Wischnefski and Rachel Weiss
  • alto saxophone solos – Harrison Yu, Jessica Singer and Magan Weber
  • tenor saxophone solo – Brooke Schounard
  • baritone saxophone solo – Rusty Swanson
  • oboe solos – Courtney Lehmann and Amanda Cibulka
  • trumpet solos – Caroline Hope and Alyssa Kobs
  • xylophone solo – A.J. Mamerow
  • piano solos – Rachel Schamerhorn, Samantha Lehman, Jacob Anderson, Miranda Brown and Jared Bazile
  • alto/tenor saxophone duet – Natalie Semrad and Kelly Olson
  • trumpet duet – Tim Smith and Joe Ammel
  • flute duet – Shannan Brown and Hannah Jasinski
  • saxophone trio – Jessica Singer, Jennifer Shernell, and Kate Wehrman
  • drum set solo – Jordan Kind
  • trumpet choir – Caroline Hope, Alyssa Kobs, Frances Weiss, Alex Dowlding, Jackie Walkowiak, Connor Last, Sarah Thompson, Eric Arndt, Bryan Ritter, Anna Sendelbach and Kevin Wright
  • flute choir – Miranda Simes, Samantha Lehman, Hannah Jasinski, Alex Kavanaugh, Shannan Brown, Kelsey James, Nicole Zeman, Brittany Polk, Constance Dowden, Alyssa Rebensburg, Cassandra Bolz, Megan Beardsley, Tristen Hayes, Ashley LeBlanc and Moli Nelson

Receiving a 2 rating of VERY GOOD were:
Class B:

  • trumpet solos – Preston Voss and Chris Kopacz
  • clarinet solo – Ellen Buckley
  • flute solo – Hana Cochran
  • alto saxophone solos – Korissa Branton and Sarah Geier
  • tuba solo – Riley Feldmann
  • French horn solo – Aaron Davis
  • euphonium solo – Derek Stone
  • piano solos – Madeline Oskey, Kristin Jerde and Amy Zoulek
  • concert snare drum solos – Sean Fox and Sam Burns
  • drum set solo – Chris Flink
  • clarinet duets – Kristyn Wondolkowski and Elizabeth Melsheimer; Jennie Scholl and Erika Jakubic

Class C:

  • clarinet solos – Elizabeth Eichsteadt, Amy Neve and Kelly Verhaalen
  • French horn solo – Jaclyn Weiss
  • bass clarinet solo – Taylor McCarthy
  • oboe solo – Allison Kline
  • tenor saxophone solo – Andrew Johnson
  • trombone solo – Kurt Nejedlo
  • four mallet xylophone solo – Dan Smith
  • drum set solo – Ryan Denninger
  • clarinet duet – Corinne Olson and Sarah Durica
  • trumpet duet – Jared Bazile and Alex Birk
  • trombone/saxophone duet – Robert Stinolis and Aaron Zagorski
  • flute duet – Alyssa Rebensburg and Constance Dowden
  • flute/clarinet duet – Cassandra Bolz and Breanne Gartmann
  • snare drum duet – Sam Leinon and Jason Prink
  • flute trio – Kelsey James, Miranda Simes and Samantha Lehman

Receiving a 3 rating of GOOD were:
Class B:

  • flute/clarinet duet – Jasmine Williams and Ashley Sullivan
  • concert snare drum duet – Jason Wisniewski and Mark Cortez
  • clarinet trio – Brenda Rosman, Anthony Beaverson and Sarah Germer

Receiving a critic-only rating were:
Class C:

  • French horn solo – Robert Little
  • piano solos – Rachel Perreault and Robert Little

Templeton is pleased to give special recognition to all of the students who participated and received honors at this festival.