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Templeton students dismissed early due to school fire

A small electrical fire in the mechanical room at Templeton Middle School caused school to be dismissed early Feb. 20 for some 980 students. A 200-amp fuse melted, causing smoldering and sparks in an electrical cabinet.

Students were immediately evacuated, and the fire department was called. Because of the low temperatures, school staff quickly sent students to the nearby Christ Our Savior Lutheran Church and Hamilton High School as outlined in the district’s emergency plan rather than have them wait outside while fire department officials responded. Within a few minutes all students were in heated environments.

Fire department officials completed an on-site investigation. While there was no fire or smoke risk to students or staff, school needed to be dismissed because the fuse provided the electrical feed for air handling equipment.

The district’s automated calling system was activated notifying Templeton parents that their children would be dismissed early from school.

By late afternoon, electricians had fixed the problem. There was no damage to equipment or the facility. Costs for the repair include $30 for a new fuse and approximately $1,000 for labor.

“Ensuring the safety and well-being of nearly 1,000 students takes effective problem-solving and flexibility,” said Templeton Principal Patricia Polczynski. “We appreciate the quick-thinking of our staff and their support for students. The cooperation from students was also outstanding.”