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Maple Avenue fifth-graders donate to hat fund

Hats off to the students in Christina Garley’s fifth grade classroom at Maple Avenue Elementary for donating $50 to the Heavenly Hats Foundation as part of their “Buck a Book” program.
The reading incentive program encourages students to read on their own time and raise money for a cause they deem important.

For each book students complete and record in their reading log, they bring in $1 from home. Once $50 is collected, the class decides where to donate the money. The class chose the Heavenly Hats Foundation because they wanted to support kids with cancer, which is part of the group’s mission. Heavenly Hats Foundation provides brand new hats for cancer patients and other medical patients who lose their hair due to a disease or the treatment of a disease. The national group has given more than 250,000 new hats to medical patients since it started in 2001.

This is the second donation the class has made this school year. Previously, they donated $50 to Pandas International, which supports panda nature reserves in their native China through medical research, breeding programs, veterinary care, medicine and medical equipment.

The program, which encourages Maple Avenue fifth-graders to read while helping others, runs throughout the school year. Maple Avenue Elementary School is located at W240 N6059 Maple Ave. in Sussex.