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Woodside students, parents walking

Woodside Elementary School students are experiencing the many benefits of walking, thanks to the encouragement of the Woodside Walking Club. Parent volunteers take students on one of three .4-mile routes that they may walk during their lunch hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Some older students choose to walk the route twice in a given lunch hour. In its first month members of the club have logged more than 250 miles.

The Woodside Walking Club wants students to learn the benefits of walking that include building healthy bones and muscles, reducing stress and anxiety, improving concentration and memory, sleeping better and improving self-image

A large map of Wisconsin is used to track the miles walked by the schoolchildren. By adding the combined miles walked, the map shows that student have walked the equivalent of a trip from Sussex to the Schultz Audobon Center to the Milwaukee County Zoo to Sheboygan and on to Door County and Lambeau Field.